Reconfigurable and Sustainable Classrooms


Highly Flexible

Fully interchangeable and expandable in multiple ways, each iMod frame is constructed exactly the same, providing the ultimate in flexibility.


iMod Frame

Our building system was designed to take advantage of both the Intermodal Transportation System and Uniform Building Code. Working closely with engineers from Maersk, IMS designed a revolutionary new modular, steel frame, International Standards (“ISO”) compliant building system which we call an iMod. It has undergone a rigorous Finite Element Analysis, peer-reviewed by the head of Seismic Engineering at Stanford University and approved by DSA.

The building block of our system is the iMod Frame. Each and every iMod Frame is 40 feet long, 8 feet wide and 9 feet 6 inches tall; the exact size of an intermodal shipping container. They are NOT, however, converted dry shipping containers. They are manufactured with heavy, tube-steel beams and columns welded to the most rigorous seismic AWS standard: D1.8. Each frame weighs approximately six tons and because of this moment frame design, they have no structural (shear) walls

This 100-year frame will withstand the most rigorous seismic conditions imposed by DSA and is fitted out with state-of-the-art building systems to create classrooms that will always accommodate next generation teaching technology.

iMod frames are interchangeable and expandable. All iMod frames are constructed exactly the same so that a one-story building can become a two-story building, a 960 SF classroom can become a 1,280 SF classroom or a two-story classroom building can be downsized to a one-story classroom.

This “Lego” approach provides maximum flexibility for school districts to load-match changing student body populations with their inventory of existing classrooms. Because we don’t weld our iMods together there is no need to grind-out welds to take them apart. Our mechanical “connection/reconnection” solution provides our customers with enhanced flexibility that is absent in modular classrooms that are welded together.

Because the iMod frames do not contain shear walls, our system enables maximum flexibility with regard to space planning. We can gang multiple iMod frames together, side-by-side, to create larger spaces. If necessary, large classrooms can be reconfigured into smaller units without any re-engineering. A solid wall can be changed into a wall of glass. Add you can place entrances wherever you wish, whenever you wish.



Building Envelope - Our building envelope is installed using a specially engineered version of EFCO’s 810i commercial, thermally broken, window-wall system. Using this ECFO side stacking widow system, interchangeable glazed frames or solid frames are installed within a compensation channel. In addition to providing flexibility of the window layout, the system allows for horizontal drift during seismic events to minimize damage. The exterior finish can either remain as a modern spandrel and glazed panel appearance painted as desired or we can add an optional rain screen cladding system designed to receive a variety of siding or stucco finishes to match any campus facade.


Glazing - All iMod Classrooms come standard with approximately 150 SF of high performance, full height, floor to ceiling glass. We offer, and encourage the use of, dynamic glass. Similar to transitional eyeglass lenses, this glass is electronically controlled to provide shading and natural daylight as desired. This glass can be manually or automatically controlled to accommodate classroom presentations or set to go completely “black-out”, in the event of a classroom security alert.

Roof - Our roof is a fully welded Corten, formed, 2mm sheet steel membrane with an integrated sloping gutter system. It is part of our 100-year building system that, with minimal maintenance (paint), will never need replacing. There are no penetrations through the roof system. The heavy sheet steel roof has a ribbed profile that provides support for maintenance or other worker tasks. IMS has designed a solar power array that can also be easily installed as part of our Lego approach.


Floor - iMod floors are solid and impervious to decay. Using welded steel joists and structural concrete subfloor panels, our floor system is uniquely designed to be installed “at grade” meaning that we can eliminate cumbersome and expensive ramps, stairs and decks. The framing members are Corten steel “C” joists and the subfloor diaphragm is moisture, insect and rot resistant. The under carriage is also protected with a minimum of 2 inches of closed cell spray foam insulation.

Insulation - All floors and roofs are protected with closed cell spray foam insulation with the following minimum insulation values: Floor R-13/Roof R-28. Closed cell spray foam insulation is moisture resistant, provides excellent outside noise reduction, and, together with the sound absorbing ceiling system, virtually eliminates sound transmission between first and second story classrooms.



DIRTT Wall System - IMS classroom interiors are fitted out with walls prefabricated by DIRTT. Much stronger than metal studs and vinyl covered drywall, this system is capable of accommodating a wide variety of technology and finishes. The walls can be easily removed to install updated wiring and are designed for interchangeable teaching systems, including tack board, white board, acoustic, audio or digital configurations without demolition, repair or repainting. Glass panels can be installed over digital wall monitors. Dry-erase panels can replace acoustic panels.

Moveable walls, a variety of doors systems and many millwork options are all components of the system allowing for multiple use space. All data management is contained within the DIRTT wall system and can be easily accessed for future upgrades. A key to the DIRTT system is software. 3D video-game-like software makes it easy for designers and users to plan and produces pricing, engineering, manufacturing and installation documentation. 


Ceiling - The IMS Epicore ceiling system is a multifunctional acoustical metal panel system that provides maximum sound absorption and durability in addition to featuring a great appearance. This structurally engineered system is designed to carry loads, easily supporting light fixtures and other moveable suspended items such as teaching aids, audio video equipment, art work, decoration or future equipment. Pre-manufactured attachment devices are readily available for a variety of uses.

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing & Fire (MEPF)

Heating & Cooling - Our proprietary heating and cooling system has been custom designed for quiet, healthy, and convenient operation and maintenance. It runs quietly at less than 40db. It uses a blower manufactured by Unico that has a true variable-speed, programmable motor that ramps up and down according to capacity, ventilation and humidity control needs. It optimizes the energy used to cool and/or heat our classrooms.

All of our equipment is “on board”, installed and fully charged prior to leaving the factory. No field installation, charging or adjusting is required; simply turn it on once the building has been installed. It is flush-mounted within the iMod frame and enclosed behind hinged, full height louver doors that maximize free air flow. With no equipment on the roof, adding a second story to an existing single-story classroom is easy.


Power Distribution – IMS classrooms use a pre-fabricated structured wiring system for its primary power distribution. Its quick-connect capability enables convenient installation and reconfiguration as necessary without the need for fixed conduit runs and wire pulling. The iMod electrical and data backbone system affords the option to install advanced teaching and technology systems without having to modify the wiring scheme. It also enables current and/or future communication between energy, environmental, security and teaching systems, including Power Distribution, Lighting & Luminaries, Lighting Controls, Daylighting, HVAC, Internet, Web Cam, Intercom, Wireless Data, Energy Monitoring, Public Address, Security, Emergency Systems, Teleconference, Enhanced Audio, Smart Boards, and Lesson Capture.

Lighting – IMS classrooms are outfitted with color tunable, flat panel, LED luminars, continuously dimmable (~0 to100%) via wireless and/or wired connections. All lighting is UL listed and approved as well as meeting NEMA, FCC, etc., respective standards, specifications and certifications. The expected lamp lifecycle at 100% brightness is over 50,000 hours. The life cycle increases as lights are dimmed.