Transforming Classrooms to Transform Learning

Digital technology aside, one of the most fundamental requirements for the most effective education today and into the future is ensuring students are highly engaged. Recent research shows that students learn better – and are far more engaged – in classrooms that are modern, comfortable and safe.

We concur!

In California, ensuring students in the state’s public school system are spending their school days in ‘modern, comfortable and safe’ classrooms is no small feat. We’re talking about accommodating more than 6 million students!

According to PACE (Policy Analysis for California Education), an independent, non-partisan research center focused on helping improve the performance of California’s education system, the state needs to spend between $3.1 billion and $4.1 billion annually just to maintain their existing facilities. And, further, the total amount of facility funding needed for California schools during the next decade for modernization and new construction is expected to be about $117 billion.

But that just addresses the financial end of the need. There is no guarantee those funds will be devoted to classrooms and school buildings that fit that ‘modern, comfortable and safe’ bill.

At iMod Structures, we’re addressing this need head on. And the team from the Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group is partnering with us. They just lead our Series A round of funding, have joined our board of directors and share our belief that classrooms and the way they are built need to be transformed.

It’s well noted that life in the 21st Century requires an entirely new set of skills and a new way of developing them. With that in mind, we have re-architected the classroom from the ground up, providing students a healthier and more stimulating learning environment, educators a more flexible and tech-ready workplace, and administrators a DSA-approved, modular, prefabricated, high performance facility that can be reconfigured and relocated easily, quickly and cost-effectively to accommodate a school’s changing needs. This makes iMod classrooms Future Proof!

We’re thrilled and honored to have the Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group and their advisors partnering with us on this journey and we’re excited about the prospects!