Intermodal Structures Changes Name to iMod Structures

Rebranding emphasizes core technology at heart of company’s modular, transportable high performance DSA approved classrooms

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MARE ISLAND, Calif. (Tues., Feb. 26, 2019) – To put a brighter light on the technological innovation at the heart of its high-performance building system and the market’s only relocatable classrooms, Intermodal Structures today changed the company’s name to iMod Structures (IMS).

Founded in 2009 and based on historic Mare Island, Calif., the company was formed with the belief that today’s classrooms need to be re-architected from the ground up to better serve students, teachers and communities for life in the 21st Century. This required significant innovation in classroom design, utilization and technology. As a result, the company has married advanced technologies and an innovative new moment frame building design to create the iMod High Performance Building System.

IMS now makes the industry’s only classrooms that are relocatable, reconfigurable, sustainable and long lasting. These classrooms also are approved by the California Division of the State Architect (DSA).

“With migrating demographics and skyrocketing land costs, the old adage of ‘location, location, location’ is outdated” said Craig Severance, a co-founder and head of marketing and sales for iMod Structures. “We have developed a Future Proof classroom, providing students a healthier and more stimulating learning environment, educators a more flexible and tech-ready workplace, administrators a DSA approved high performance relocatable facility, and communities a forward looking building system that will never become obsolete. The iMod is the core technology at the heart of our building system and we want to highlight it.”

Intermodal Structures Becomes iMod Structures

Based on the proprietary iMod design, the IMS high performance classroom provides the ultimate in speed of delivery and flexibility. Available in single and/or two-story configurations, the classrooms are pre-fabricated in the iMod factory on Mare Island in Vallejo, California, just one hour north of San Francisco. They are then delivered to a school site fully assembled and ready for utility hook up and occupancy within days.

With their unique design, iMod buildings achieve forty feet of clear span in a multi-story configuration without requiring internal structural columns, walls or external trusses. If necessary, a second-story can be added to a pre-existing building at any time in the future, conserving open space on a school campus. And, as student populations ebb and flow with changing demographics, the second story of a classroom building can be removed and relocated to some other location to become the first story of a new school facility.

About iMod Structures

iMod Structures (IMS) is transforming classrooms and how they are built. Combining advanced technologies and progressive new approaches to building design and construction, IMS is designing, manufacturing and installing DSA approved high-performance, pre-fabricated, Future Proof classrooms that are designed specifically as healthy and sustainable 21st Century learning environments. The company was founded in 2009 and is based on Mare Island in Vallejo, Calif. For more information about iMod Structures and its iMod High Performance Building System, please visit

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