Reconfigurable, Relocatable, and Resilient Buildings and Classrooms

High performance buildings were initially defined as ones that integrate and optimize all of a building’s major attributes, from energy efficiency and durability to life-cycle performance and occupant productivity.

iMod Structures concurs with much of this definition, but has evolved it significantly. IMS feels strongly that a high performance building must also obliterate the traditional real estate adage “location, location, location.” Today, a truly high performance building is one that is designed from the ground up for ultimate flexibility, including, most importantly, convenient and rapid transportability. For optimum high performance, you must be able to easily move a building to maximize the asset.

This broader definition is particularly important for schools. Much was made of a 2003 study that found a clear connection between high performance school design and higher student test scores. This has given rise to the high performance schools movement.

iMod Structures is committed to providing the education market – from K-12 schools to leading community colleges and the largest universities – with long-life, high performance classrooms design specifically as healthy and sustainable 21st Century learning environments.

Marrying progressive design strategies, advance building technologies and the latest digital teaching tools, IMS is producing high performance classrooms that:

  • Provide a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.

  • Conserve energy, resources, and water.

  • Function as a hands-on teaching tool.

  • Serve as a multi-purpose facility, potentially for the local community.

  • Ensure easy maintenance and operation.

  • Create a safe and a secure educational atmosphere.

  • Transform a short-term liability into a long-term asset. 

  • Withstand the most severe seismic events due to unparalleled resiliency.